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While you look for work you could consider volunteering?

Voluntary work is a great way of getting into a working environment whilst helping others. You can:

  • develop new skills
  • gain experience
  • get training in new areas of work
  • explore a new career direction
  • increase your contacts (networking opportunities), which could provide job leads
  • build your confidence 
  • have fun
  • make a valuable contribution to something worthwhile

There are many choices in the type of voluntary work available both at home and abroad. Your experience as a volunteer can make your CV stand out and show potential employers that you are a person that can commit to work, is used to a work routine and has recently used, and possibly improved, your skills.

Jobseekers - Voluntary Work Option

A jobseeker who engages in voluntary work may continue to be entitled to a jobseekers payment provided that, in engaging in the voluntary work, they continue to sastisy the statutory conditions of being available for and genuinely seeking work.

Examples of voluntary work in which jobseekers may engage include:

  • helping the sick, elderly or persons with a disability
  • assisting youth clubs, church groups, sports groups, cultural organisations, local resident associations.

The groups involved may be nationally organised groups or local voluntary or community groups.
If you are getting a Social Welfare Payment, you should check with your local Social Welfare office before you begin volunteering.

Click here for further information on Jobseekers - Voluntary Work Option on the Department of Social Protection website.

Volunteer Fingal

Click here for information on Volunteering Opportunities in Fingal on the Volunteer Fingal website.

Other Volunteer Agencies

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Volunteering Abroad

If you are interested in volunteering abroad, click on the links below.  It should be noted that a participation fee may be required in order to volunteer abroad. 


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